Ads, Facebook or Google?

Well its been a while, and after about 2 months of NinChop being in the Google Play store its time to check in. Here are some numbers: Time available: 2 months Total Installs: 120 Current installs: 40 Ads served by app: 500,000 Money earned for ads: 17.00 Money spent advertising: 30.00 (+100.00 free promo credit) […]

NinChop Mechanics Improvements

Just published an update that should trickle through the Google Play Store soon for NinChop that I am excited about and had to share: Now earning belts is WAY easier.  It was pretty tough before! Ads are optional (this is my favorite) So at the end of a run if you want to double your earnings […]

NinChop Available for Download

If you haven’t heard the news, NinChop is officially available for download in all available Google Play® markets! Link is below and remember to please rate and review the game on Google Play®! Help me get the word out. Like this post, share it, ask friends to download the app.

Getting App Feedback

NinChops been out for Android for about 3 weeks now in Mexico, South Korea and Canada and I really can’t wait to release it globally on Android, but one thing is holding me back – user reviews. I have only one (5 stars, thanks Mexico!). I almost forgot the purpose of doing a “soft launch” […]

Ninchop Available in Two More Countries, Still in Soft Launch

Ok, So Ninchop has been out in Canada for about two weeks now and I’ve learned a couple things since then: Delayed stats suck. Omg come on Google!  The Developer Console (the website that provides the dashboard that shows the reports that you use to decide the success (or failure) of your virtual products is delayed by like […]

NinChop available in Canada for Android. Global Launch Soon

I’m very excited to make the announcement that my latest development, mobile game – NinChop, is available in the Android App Store in Canada.  Why Canada? Well as I’ve been told and read it seems a common deployment tactic to publish an apps first release in Canada to receive user feedback.  This lets the developer do […]

Now Serving South Florida

1 Man Team Studios is proud to announce that our services are now offered in South Florida in addition to Central Florida.  Does your business need web or software related services, a new website, website redesign, want an app for your business or online advertising?  Give us a call! 407-318-4306, shoot us an email at  or visit our contact page.

Responsive Website Design

Liquid layouts and responsive design.  What does that mean for you?  Well, if your are a site owner and are not sure what it means, you probably need a new website or a redesign.  If you are a site visitor, it means happy viewing for you.  Responsive web design is when a web page or […]

Air Hockey Arena is in the Windows Store!

It’s finally published!  Free!  Download it on your Windows 8 device now! Click here for the Air Hockey Arena page here at Click here for the web listing by Microsoft or on Windows 8:      

Get Real Support

For some people and businesses, websites are scary.  1MTS has chosen select systems that make it easy for you to understand and support your website.  We don’t ask you to put in ticket requests, we encourage you to call us, email us, see us, or however your feel is the best way to request what […]

See it in 24 Hours

We are proud of our speed at 1 Man Team Studios.  Once you confirm a web design draft request we promise to have something you can see within 24 hours or we will host your first year for free.  We understand clients are better to explain their needs when they first have something to work […]

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6 Pages, Social Integration and more

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Custom Email

Your website comes with plenty of mailboxes and plenty of storage.  We offer a great mail client.  Want to use Microsoft Outlook, your Android phone or iPhone?  Maybe a […]

Carts & E- Commerce

We will build your online store!  Whether you’re just selling a couple items or you’re a complete online retail solution, we offer a robust commerce solution that helps […]

Custom Forms

Formidable Pro is a leading web-form system that lets you capture information from your site visitors.  You can even receive digital signatures. Check them out at .

Social Integration

With our platforms,  social media integration is simplified when you want to add content to your website.  It becomes easier to manage several social outlets that need the […]

Apps and Web Apps

Now more than ever, companies are wanting what they don’t have, apps!  Mobile versions of their websites that have a little place on people’s phones.  We are happy to […]

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